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    Hi, guys.
    I’d like to get your opinion in the following issue:
    We are currently looking for a solution to replace our NAS device. It currently holds a 750GB volume (4x250GB SATA dives in RAID5), with 460GB data. Part of these are production files and part for archiving purposes. The machine is backed up through LAN, from the backup server (Windows 2003 Enterprise, BackupExec 9.1 and two LTO2 tape drives).
    We have Linux (RedHat) and Windows (2003) servers in the Enterprise. All Windows machines are part of an AD domain. The Linux machines are not attached to the AD.
    Main expectations from the new solution:
    – to hold 3TB data (at least – we are willing to go to centralized storage, instead holding gigs on every server) ;
    – to be scalable;
    – to have both NAS and SAN capabilities (iSCSI, not fiber);
    – to be able to work both with SAS/SCSI and SATA drives;
    – to be able to hold files of all data types (documents, databases (Oracle and MySQL) and applications);
    – to allow direct backup, from the machine itself;
    – to have minimal downtime (if any) while upgrading it.

    I am pretty satisfied with HP’s All-in-One 1200 device, but I want to check more solutions.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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