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    All emails send fine from my SBS 2008 Exchange 2007 server aside from external Out of Office emails. I have been trying to figure this out for a couple days now. I ran the message tracking for FAILED items and found all of the OOF messages today.

    The failed reason is SMTP 553 “From address not verified”. This is an AT&T smarthost and AT&T always requires all sending addresses to be added to their control panel before they’ll allow the address to send. In the FAILED log, it shows the sender as the proper user’s email address, so I am not sure why it’s not going through. I did, however, notice that there’s no “return-path” address specified on these messages.

    I called AT&T and they are worthless in figuring this out. The second level technician didn’t even understand what I meant about the “return-path” in the message header. From poking around the Internet, I have seen people suggest writing a transport agent in Exchange 2007 to re-write the “return-path” in the headers of all OOF emails. Does anyone know how to accomplish such a feat, or if there’s any other way to handle this? Thanks in advance.


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