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    My HDD in Acer Lap top has 2 partitions (drive D: 10gb for data and drive c: 102 gb system partition on which windows 7 professional is installed).
    I want to “shrink” C: drive size and I checked from “disk management” that I can reduce it by 20gb. The space unaoocated I can get of 20gb.
    Now my concern are :
    a) whether I can add this 20gb unallocated space in my D: drive to make it total of 30gb by “Expanding” ?
    b) On the HDD, the space of 20gb so created from c: drive may not be side by side of the original 10gb space of d: drive, so will the expanded D: drive will work or it all becomes waist and I will not be able to use the space or even d: druve?

    I need advice from expert jn the line.I will be highly oblidged if I get favourable solution of my problem.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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