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    hello everyone

    i have a Compaq ProLiant ML530 (null) running windows 2000 sp4. there is a smart array 5300 controller (firmware version 3.54) with 2 ports.
    on one port i have a raid 5 array consisting of 5 x 72 GB disks which i would like to expand on the fly with 5 x 146 GB disks.

    one 72 GB disk has already been replaced by a 146 GB disk and it took about 5 hours for the array to rebuild. right now i do not see any additional available disk space i could use to expand the array and logical drive.

    some research on google seems to indicate that this additional space will only become available after all 5 x 72 GB disk have been replaced by 5 x 146 GB disks. has someone done this before and can confirm this?

    i now need to decide if i continue to replace one disk a day and let the server’s performance be impacted or if i create a new array with the 146 GB disks and restore the data from backup.


    p.s. i didn’t start this. i’ve only become involved after the fact :roll:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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