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    If this post sounds familiar its because I posted on mocrosoft forum with no luck. I just installed exchange 2003 on a server and I did my forestprep/domainprep and everything looked good. Questions are as follows:

    1. I had trial version of exchange 2003 “standard” on this server. Never uninstalled it. Will this be a hidden problem?

    2. Also, there is no entry for “Servers” below Recipients and on top of Connectors (Sys manager or MMC). However, If I click the + next to Admin Groups/1st administrative group, there were it says Servers is where I find Queus, First Storage Group and protocols. Is that right?

    DC-2003 SBS
    Exchange/member Server-2003 Standard/Exchange 2003

    Thanks to all/any that reply.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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