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    hello everyone :)
    i am new here
    and i have a question about a problem that i get in the exchange 2007 and the outlook 2007 mail client

    so this is how it goes
    i am from israel and the gmt over here is +2 while we are in day light saving time so it’s gmt +3 actually

    few days ago in our company we started to get a time problem that the main symptom of that problem is that when we get mail’s out of the company the recipient get the mail(the time mark that he got it is an hour earlier) and when i try to rsvp someone to a meeting in the calender
    he is getting rsvp request to an hour later (for examples if the meeting is in 1 p.m then he will receive the rsvp to 2 p.m ) i tried to install the sdt by Microsoft, but i got nothing from it and the problem keeps on going.
    with much regards
    and thank you very very much

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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