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    Hi, i have a problem with receiving mail in my domain if somebody sends us an email from outside my domain they receive the following message:

    The following addresses had permanent fatal errors

    (reason: 550 5.7.1
    … Relaying denied. Proper
    authentication required.)

    Transcript of session follows

    … while talking to
    >>> DATA
    < << 550 5.7.1 … Relaying denied. Proper authentication
    550 5.1.1
    … User unknown
    < << 503 5.0.0 Need RCPT (recipient) i`ve installed a smtp relay server a few weeks ago to get the load of my exchange server and to increase some security installing gfi mail essentials, it all worked fine till yesterday we can send and receive email within the domain we can send out email outside the domain but not receive from outside the domain. what is going on here? a few spec : all servers working with 2003 server and exchange 2003.
    is it possible that we are blacklisted by our ISP? or is it an internal error ?
    thanks in advance

    rgds Marco

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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