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Exchange Server 5.5 16Gb mailstore limit breached

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    We have an exchange 5.5 server, used by one small division.

    However, the users have not followed archiving instructions, and as such the mailstore is now approx. 16,800Mb in size.

    My challenge is to get the mailstore under 16Gb in size and get the exchange services running again.

    However, I’m not getting anywhere.

    We don’t have Exchange Server 5.5 Enterprise as an upgrade option, so thats ruled out.

    We have a copy of Ontrack PowerControls, but that is designed for recovering mail, and not for deleting mail from within mailboxes stored in an offline mailstore, so thats ruled out.

    I have ran eseutil /d but this does not reduce the size below 16Gb.

    I am hopeful there is another solution (we can’t build another server in this division) but I haven’t yet came across it.

    Can anyone advise of a way to resolve this?

    Advice most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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