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    Firstly hello to everyone on the forums.

    I am hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction or help me to resolve a problem I am experiencing on our exchange server. I should mention that I am a novice user when it comes to exchange and this is my first week using it. (Started New Job)

    We have a number of Queues with lots of SPAM e-mails, at this time I have put a freeze on them and I am currently going through and trying to remove them a few at a time but it keeps crashing out.

    I would like advice on the following;

    1) Is there a command line I can use to delete an entire queue? (e.g.
    I have seen aqadmcli.exe (Click Here) but from my understanding this will delete everything?

    2) Can I setup filters to prevent e-mails from these address entering the outgoing queue again?

    E.g. if I say any outbound e-mail for ( delete?

    The Queues marked in red below are some of the ones I wish to delete

    Any time and help users can offer would be very much appreciated


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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