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    It seems like Exchange will accept numerous different things as a username for authentication;

    -the full user logon name set in EAC with user logon name and domain suffix

    -pre-2000 username which can be controlled in AD

    -and last which makes no sense to me, is some hidden field that is driving me nuts trying to figure out

    So, I started out with full name “Test User”, logon name TUse[email protected]. I am able to login to the OWA using either “TUser” or “[email protected]”. So I within EAC I changed the user logon name to [email protected]. I also changed the pre-2000 name to userA2000. Lastly I changed the alias within EAC (I still don’t understand this field as it doesn’t seem to affect anything) to user123.

    So I can now log in using;
    [email protected] (full user logon name with domain suffix from within EAC)
    -userA2000 (pre-2000 logon from with AD)
    -TUser (original name that is not reflected in any field I can find in EAC or AD now)

    Any ideas as to what in the world is happening? I’ve tried modifying the name within AD, aliases, everything. I don’t see anywhere there is ANYTHING with TUser still listed.

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