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    hi, we have a single exchange 2003 server on our network, which was working quite happily until Monday, when our service provider installed a new proxy server. we are a school.

    now it receives internet email and works internally, but it will not send any external emails.

    now obviously it looks like the exchange server is being blocked somewhere with the new proxy server change, and i have escalated the issue to the service provider.

    however, i wondered if anyone had any ideas on how i can rule out dns and ad replication as that has been muted as the issue by the service provider (seems strange it would happen as they change something :-)).

    i have tried to use dnslint and it seems to indicate that all is OK, and i get no errors when i force a replication with my 3 dc’s through sites etc.

    the messages that have been blocked are all sitting in the queues under the server in system manager, i have tried to force them either en masse or one by one, but no joy.

    does anyone have any ideas what i should be looking at to make sure its not my end, and what i can pass onto the service provider so that they can check stuff.

    thanks in adavance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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