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    I want to test a scenario where currently I have 4 Physical Exchange 2010 servers (3 are in a DAG). They all have their own external IP addresses and can all receive and send mail. I would like to test the scenario where Only 1 of the servers is receiving the mail although the “internet” can send to any of the 4, therefore I assume this is a network routing style issue, however is there anything in Exchange where I can send incoming mail to 1 server before it hits one of the other 3? Currently it would appear any of the 4 receive mail at any time and it’s all a little random.

    I would be happy to keep outgoing as it is for the time being.

    Background Info: I inherited a very patchy/ broken 2007-2010 upgrade 2 years ago and am just starting to sort out the minor irritations e.g. spam, certificate warnings and backups!

    Thank You for any advice you can give.

    Jonathan Ward

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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