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    I have done plenty of installations for setting up a WM5 device for syncing with Exchange 2003 SP2 that is installed on Server 2003, without 2 many problems. All the installs that have been done have either used the Wizards in SBS or manually setup the Server 2003 to use the Exchdav solution to prevent the problem with SSL and form authentication.

    We have been preparing a company that has Exch 2003 SP2 but installed on Windows Server 2000. The problem is to resolve this problem I need to perform the action in IIS6 where you right click on the exchange VDIR and select Save Configuration to a File. that allows me to save to an XML file which will be imported back later. But with Server 2000 haveing IIS5 this option is not there thus making this process appear to not be able to complete. Does anyone know of a way to complete this and save and export this xml file on a Server with 2000 installed?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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