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    I’m stuck so I’m hoping someone can help me out.
    I have exchange 2013 installed onto a Server 2012 standard server running as a member server on brand spanking new domain.
    All mail flow is working fine and Outlook is working fine internally, also I can connect to Outlook externally using Outlook anywhere proxy settings. iPhones appear to be connecting OK but autodiscover isnt working, we put the email address and password in then it requests us to put things like servername and username and password in.
    Android devices wont connect at all even with me inputting all the settings manually.7
    OWA works perfectly, no certificate errors at all, using

    I have done lots of Exchange 2010 setups and it always works fine and on the mobile devices all I have to do is input email address and password and it just connects without anymore information being put it, never done an Exchange 2013 setup before so I dont know what Im doing wrong.

    My SSL certificate has the following names on (same as I always do with my SSL cerfiticates);

    I have forwarded port 25, 80, 443 and 444 to the exchange server.

    If I use I get;
    Connectivity Test Successful with Warnings
    Attempting the Autodiscover and Exchange ActiveSync test (if requested).
    Autodiscover was successfully tested for Exchange ActiveSync.

    The warning is;
    The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer is attempting to build certificate chains for certificate, OU=Domain Control Validated.
    One or more certificate chains were constructed successfully.
    Additional Details
    Analyzing the certificate chains for compatibility problems with versions of Windows.
    Potential compatibility problems were identified with some versions of Windows.
    Additional Details
    The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer can only validate the certificate chain using the Root Certificate Update functionality from Windows Update. Your certificate may not be trusted on Windows if the “Update Root Certificates” feature isn’t enabled.
    Elapsed Time: 2 ms.

    I’m at a loss, according to some googling the certificate warning I’m getting shouldnt affect ActiveSync. I’ve spent hours going through all my settings! Can someone please help me with this? I’m on hand to answer any questions at all.

    Thanks a lot

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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