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    I have an SBS2011 server running the latest version of Exchange. My current setup is an MX record that sends email to IP and a subsequent PTR record that goes in reverse.

    I have setup another two domains as authorative domains and have been using SBS POP3 connector to use them but due to a sudden increase of users for those domains, I would like to make them “exchange complliant”.

    My idea is to change the MX records for each domain to and use the webhost as a backup with a higher priority to ensure some redundancy. How would I go about setting up the PTR for the new domains though?

    From my understanding you can only have one PTR per IP.

    To summarise:

    Primary domain: MX record -> PTR-> domainname -> (which works fine)
    secondary domain: MX record-> PTR->?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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