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Exchange 2010 Stops Sending/Recieving Mail every 4-6hrs

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    Hello everyone!

    I’m reaching out in order solve a Exchange 2010 issue that our company has been having for about 2 weeks.

    I just took on a new role as IT Director at a small health center (~100 employees). The week before I started the Exchange 2010 server began giving problems where out of the blue it would stop sending and receiving email every 4-6hrs and would require a reboot of the server to restore email service.

    Let me get straight to the point and post as many details as I know:

    – Exchange runs in a virtual Hyper-V setting with Windows Server 2012
    – Exchange has been running successfully without issue for about 5 years.
    – Outlook, OWA, or phones do NOT lose contact with the server when mail stops sending/receiving.
    – External email are not received during the times when mail is not delivered.
    – Internal email is sometimes delivered during the times when the mail is not being delivered.
    – Restarting the Mail Transport service always fails with a timeout error, and does not restart mail flowing. Full server reboot is required.
    – All mail sent during the time mail can’t be delivered is queued and delivered once the server is restarted.
    – Problem is a regular daily occurrence every 4-6hrs throughout the day.
    – Symantec Mail Security for Exchange is installed to filter spam/virus/threats. It is running without error.

    What we have done to troubleshoot:

    – Event Viewer -> Windows -> System logs indicate
    * Event ID 12014 (Microsoft Exchange could not find a certificate that contains the domain name …),
    * Event ID 417 (A timeout occurred while waiting for Microsoft Exchange to initialize the VSAPI interface.Trying again to initialize VSAPI interface.),
    * Event ID 2937 (Process Microsoft.Exchange.RpcClientAccess.Service.exe… pointing to the Deleted Objects container in Active Directory. This property should be fixed as soon as possible.),
    * Event ID 5016 (The Active Directory topology service could not discover any route to connector – this references an old DC that was decommissioned 5+ years ago)
    * Event ID 5015 (cannot find a route to the source transport server or home MTA – this references an old DC that was decommissioned 5+ years ago)

    – Checked Exchange Management Console -> Server Config -> HUB Transport and the receive connectors are factory default settings. No custom connectors are installed.
    – Checked the logs for misc errors or items, but logs aren’t indicating anything abnormal yet.

    Any input on to this issue, what direction we need to go, etc would be GREATLY appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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