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  • m80arm

    Currently testing Outlook Anywhere in my home lab. I’ve enabled Outlook anywhere and I have a self signed cert from a local Enterprise CA.

    My internal namespace is xxx.local and my external name space is and I have a DNS record.

    When configuring Outlook 2010 I enter my Full name and email address and password. Outlook goes away then I get prompted for a password for [email protected] – Which doesn exist as my internal namespace is xxx.local. If I change this to [email protected] it works fine.

    Is there anyway to configure it so I can I dont get prompted to enter my .local userid i.e. I can use either .local or .net?

    I’ve added a UPN called and this is visible from my account but it still fails. Do I need to change my account to use as my login of will it use either?

    It’s not a major problem but I’m just thinking it would be easier if I could use either thus not getting prompted to change my user ID when authenticating.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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