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    Hi there,

    I desperately need some help because I’m facing a weird problem on outlook and exchange 2010.

    We installed exchange in February this year and is working nice except that when a user is forwarding a mail with an attachement (pdf, txt, doc, etc..), the recipient receives the mail but attachment is invisible in outlook (2003,2007,2010). What is weird is that attachment is visible on owa (without paper clip before attachment).

    To tell you all the story, let’s take for example User1. Exchange account ([email protected]) + a pop3 account ([email protected]) are configured on outlook of user1. Because User1 needs to choose between those 2 accounts before sending mails. Both account are on exchange.

    When user1 send a NEW mail+attachment using pop3 ([email protected]), recipients receive mail+attachment. Same thing happens when sending from exchange account ([email protected])

    But when user1 uses pop3 to FORWARD a mail+attachment (lets say 300kb), recipient receives only mail and attachment invisble. Invisible because the size of the mail is still 300kb. Which means attachment is still in mail. If user1 forward same mail to gmail or yahoo attachment visible.

    We installed latest rollups for exchange 2010 sp1. Still I’m crying everyday and everynight trying to solve this. :-(

    FYI, no antivirus installed on mail server. Windows 2008 Std R2 defender disable. Windows firewall disabled. No spam filtering.

    Help help help please

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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