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    I am setting up Exchange 2010 in an existing Exchange 2003 environment. Single domain with about 500 mailbox users. I have NOT setup a server with Edge Transport installed yet.

    My question is, can I configure a receive connector in the Hub Transport that will receive mail from outside my domain (Internet)? I would have to do this by allowing anonymous users on that connector.

    I know it is not recommended, but all of our outside mail goes into a Sophos spam/email appliance that checks it for bogus mail and then is forwarded on to the exchange server. Our Sophos email appliance is located in our DMZ zone, but is also accessible from within our network. After reading up on Exchange 2010, isn’t my email appliance/spam firewall the same as the Edge Transport device?

    The Sophos appliance is also behind a firewall.

    Hope I explained that clearly enough.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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