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    we are in preparation to migrate our organization from Exch2k7 to O365, we currently have our default access to internet (as well as OWA, Outlook anywhere) through a slow internet link which will cause slow mailbox migration to O365, so we would like to use another link (100Mb/s) to migrate, for this, we were asked to :
    – add a second IP addresse to the Exchange server
    – create another IIS website and create another rpc folder on this site
    – publish a public URL to access the new website ( and route traffic through the high spped link
    – use this new URL to connect O365 to our exchange server

    do you think this will work ? if yes, how should we configure the second rpc folder ? should i just create the folder and configure it the same way the default rpc folder (in the default website) ?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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