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    Might be a bit long, so sorry in advance :)


    I’m in the middle of a project replacing our old 2003 DCs with 2008 R2. I currently have both sets running (2 of each), and have transferred all services off the old DCs including fsmo roles. The old 2003 DCs are now down to AD/DNS and global catalogs, one still has a few old fileshares but that will be gone soon.


    Today I decided to go the next step and drop the GC roles from the two old DCs. No issues reported except for Exchange 2007 SP1. Exchange threw a wobbly and continuosly complained that it couldn’t find various AD resources.

    I sent it down for a reboot, googled a bit and found this:

    On reboot I had the same errors so I implemented the above pointing it to a 2008 R2 DC, this made no difference either side of reboot.

    Under pressure from users I reinstated the old GCs, rebooted again and things eventually settled down and worked again.

    I’ve since googled a bit more and found this:


    Given that 2008 R2 is supported as an install base for Exchange 2007 SP1 would it also not be supported if only 2008 R2 global catalogs were available despite being installed on 2003? If it is supported how can I force a change in the GC server used, as the information I’ve found so far doesn’t seem to work? :(.

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