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    My scenario is we have an isolated network that has it’s own Exchange 2007 running on Server 2003. I have set up an SMTP relay on a machine that has Internet connectivity (also server 2003). I want to forward emails out to the Internet if they are not for the local internal domain. Note i’m only concerned about sending emails out to the Inernet, not receiving from the Internet.

    I have set up an MX record for the “Internet facing” SMTP relay and gave it a
    lower priority. So I assume if the Exchange server can’t send the message it goes to the next MX server. I know DNS is critical and I am not sure if the Exchange server needs to resolve the external email as well as the SMTP relay server (neeeding to resolve) or only the SMTP relay server needs to resolve the external address.

    – How do I set this up in Exchange? I assume the Exchange server relays to my SMTP relay server.
    – I already have an SMTP receive connector, do I need to add another one?
    – Property page per property page what do I configure on Exchange and the Server 2003 SMTP?

    I have not set up domains in the SMTP relay as from what I see that’s for receiving email and relaying out ? Not actually understanding these dialogs, what they mean. From what I read if I put a domain in there I will relay that through, which I don’t want. What gets me is terminology, “Remote Domain”.

    HELP! HELP! HELP! Frustrated. And I’ve BEEN googling like crazy. MS help is NO HELP.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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