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    We currently have 3 site AD infrastructure . (essentially 3 datacenters with domian controllers in each). We have an exchange 2007 server in one of the sites (Site A). It has the hub transport, CAS, and mailbox roles installed. we have added a second exchange server to site B. It also has the hub transport, CAS and mailbox servers installed. finally i installed the Exchange Server 2007 on the 3rd site (Site C). for info its installed in exchange server 2003 environmental.
    Site A has schema master so the Exchange server 2007 Groups just created in Site A domain and from thier the permission grant to other sites to install exchange 2007

    note: after /PrepareDomain in Site C and Site A admin add exchange installation and admin in Exchange Organizational group and after installation started no mail flow option appear in installation process it appears in the other Sites????
    However if users send a message to someone in internet from Site A and Site B, it is sitting in a My Site (Site C) queue and it must send from internet on each site.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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