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    We working on fully transitioning to Exchange 2010 from 2003. Currently I’m up to the step of “Transfer all public folder replicas to Exchange 2020 public folder store”. For this step I’ve gone into ESM right clicked the public folder data store and selected Move All Replicas and have then selected the public folder database on 2010. Now it says that it will have done it when all of the folders inside of “Public Folder Instances” has gone. Currently it’s been a day or 2 and the public folder instance folder shows System Public Folders. Is there anyway I can check that this is actually working like a status? I’m not seeing any errors in the event log on either server indicating a problem with public folders?

    We do not use the public folders and what is in there looks to be less than 1MB. it shouldn’t take this long?

    If worst comes to the worst could I just delete the reference to the 2003 public folder store from ADSI and continue with the rest of the transition and would there be anything I should be aware of if I have to do this?

    Many Thanks, Richard

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