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    Hi Forum

    Looking for a few pointers here for this future project.

    Company A has bought Company B both company having exchange 2003 enterprise back end and standard front end.

    Company A will absorb Company B servers and Mail with a new accepted mail domain name of CompanyA&B. (a couple of Company A users already have this mail address set as primary and mail for this address is working)

    So company B users will be moving into Company A and as such Company Bs mail will need to be migrated, i have looked at some 3rd party app like codetwo etc.

    Was thinking along the lines of a cross forest trust and create users accounts in Company A for company B users then migrate Company B users mail box to Company A server.

    Still need old inbound Company B email to come in and be forwarded to the user who has been migrated to Company A until all users have been migrated and Company B old emails can be redirected to Company A servers as a secondary smtp address.

    So im assuming we need a exchange connector between both orgs to route old Company B emails to migrated users on Company A Servers as they would no longer have a mailbox on Company.

    Any tips would be great


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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