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    We are having an issue where some users are getting weird errors.

    At first some of the users could not delete anything from their inbox. This fixed itself (somehow) and now they can delete from any folder EXCEPT the Delete folder. If they try to remove from the Delete folder it just does nothing (no errors, no prompts).

    Some quick background:
    We are running Exchange 2003 Standard (fully updated) and just moved all users from 1 storage group to another. (From Server 1 to Server 2)
    * Some users are also reporting OWA is not allowing them to send messages.

    My mailbox moved with everyone elses and it appears to work fine for me right now. I do know some people had issues moving their data, but in the end it reported as successful.

    Is there a program I can run to check the integrity of the data store? I am backing everything up now (exmerge) to a brick level just in case.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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