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    I have an active directory controller (ADC), an old exchange server 2000 SP3 (e2k) and a newly installed exchange server 2003 SP1 (e2k3), all servers run Windows 2000 Server SP4. Both exchange servers are in the same routing group. The routing group has a SMTP connector with smart host to our provider, the e2k server is the local bridgehead of the connector, costs for the connector are 50.

    When I move a mailbox to the new e2k3 server and try to send a mail to an external domain, I get a bounce (550 relaying denied…). The SMTP logging shows that the e2k3 server trys to deliver the mail via the ADC instead of the e2k server!

    I just don’t get why e2k3 server ist trying to deliver the mail via ADC and not via e2k server? Is that the expected behavior in this setup, or is my understanding of routig groups and bridgeheads totaly wrong?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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