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    I have been trying to get an iPhone syncing with SBS 2003. Exchange does have SP2. I have also tried an android phone and it does not work either. The server has never been tried to sync with a smartphone so I dont think it ever worked.

    The Symptoms:
    The iPhone will create the account, but will not sync any data of any kind. The android phone will not even create the account, just says cant connect to server. The Microsoft online testing tool passes all tests, all green.
    What I have done:
    1. Reset the default iis directories.
    2. Install all Exchange updates and Windows security udpates.
    3. Bang my head on the desk.
    4. searched and tried many suggestions on the internet.
    5. Bang my head on the desk.
    6. OWA with IE works fine. Both SSL and non-SSL. It is a self signed SBS cert.

    Is there any other ways to get some information about what may being going wrong? An iis log or exchange log or something?
    Anyone know what I can check?
    I would really appreciate some help, I dont know how much more banging my desk can take before it breaks. :)

    Thanks so much

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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