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    Hello, i have a sbs2003 box with exchange setup on in. I have a domian called and, the exchange is fetching the emails throw pop connector. Everything is working ok, get’s the emails and put’s it in the correct user. The problem is when sending. Sending emails to anybody that is not works great. Now the problem is when they send an email to anyone with we have 4 emails that use the exchange server , and 2 other emails in two different offices. inside the echange server i can send emails with no problem , but when sending emails to the two other office it give a an error saying that the email doesent exist in the organization. What can this be? i have two smtp connectors, one that comes by default with sbs, and another that i created to send emails trow the mail server because of the mx records and all of that. forgot to mention that the two other office arent connected to the exchange server, just simple outlook with pop3 connection. Can the problem be the smtp connector ?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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