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    Folks, I am really looking for some advice or help. I’m trying to get a small company that is running on Exchange Server 2000 Enterprise Edition to fit onto a Exchange Server 2003 Std installation. The current db is almost 110GB mostly due to the fact that they archive everything in a couple of common mailboxes. My thought is to first try to do as much housekeeping as possible, also try to change some mindsets on how much mail is kep in mailboxes, and then to create Public Store folders to hold some of this archived mail. Is this a reasonable approach? I guess I am hoping to get down to maybe a managed 50GB mailbox store on each side (priv and pub) for a total of 100GB.

    Is this the best approach or can someone give me a better idea? Or would the best approach be to just suck it up and pay the $6000 extra for the enterprise edition and cals??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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