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    I’ve got several problems with the Free/Busy data in Exchange. The setup is as follows: We have a root domain, (domain.local), then we have child domains (child1.domain.local, child2.domain.local, child3.domain.local). All of the child domains have Exchange servers, mail is flowing properly all over, but the busy/free isn’t working properly. I’ve added replicas of the “Schedule+ Free Busy Information” on all servers to the other servers, so each on SHOULD have replicas of the others. The two “older” sites (Child1 & Child2) have replicas for all sites listed in their “Public Folders” and “Public Folder Instances” folders. The newest, which has been up for close to 48 hours only has the local one. Under “details” of “Replication Status” it shows the local copy “in sync” and the other domains as “Local Modified”, but the other folders don’t appear inthe folder lists. Does anyone have any ideas?

    The other problem is that within each site, some users show hashes where the free/busy info should be and when I mouseover the hashes, I get “No Information. No Free/Busy Information could be retrieved”. Some users show fine. There doesn’t seem to be a pettern to it. This is within the local sites only. No one in any site can see Free/Busy data for users in other sites (they all get the “No Information. No Free/Busy Information could be retrieved”). We’ve had this same issue in all three sites.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s been driving me crazy for quite a while now, and I’ve poured over the internet, forums, google, Technet, etc and have not found an answer.

    Thanks in Advance,

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