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Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010 Coexistence

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    I have migrated Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010. The Exchange 2010 environment is built and I am at the point of moving the external web address to Exchange 2010 for coexistence. When I do this, ActiveSync goes down for some user mailboxes.
    The details of the environment are as follows.
    4 Exchange 2003 front-end servers
    3 Exchange 2003 Backend active/passive clusters (Mailbox)
    Backend active/passive cluster A (ActiveSync successful)
    Backend active/passive cluster B (ActiveSync fails)
    Backend active/passive cluster C (ActiveSync successful)
    4 Exchange 2010 CAS
    4 Exchange 2010 HUB
    4 Exchange 2010 Mailbox

    ActiveSync does not work on Backend active/passive cluster B, but OWA did work. ActiveSync begins working again when I change the external URL back to Exchange 2003. ActiveSync for Backend active/passive cluster A and C worked fine when external URL is pointing to Exchange 2010.
    At this point no users have been moved to Exchange 2010. If we move user mailboxes from the non-working Exchange 2003 backend cluster B to Backend cluster A or C, ActiveSync works fine when pointing to the Exchange 2010 external URL. Unfortunately, the users on backend B are the heavy mailbox users and are the CEO and Executives of the company. Moving the entire effected user mailboxes to Exchange 2010 is not a valid solution. It would take weeks to move the user mailboxes on the backend cluster B to Exchange 2010.
    I have worked with Microsoft support for 4 weeks and have tried several procedures such as log tracing 2003/2010 with exchange best practices analyzer, Troubleshooting Assistant, NexTags,, resetting the Exchange virtual directories, etc.
    The users are reporting 503 Service Unavailable when attempting to sync email on their mobile devices. Checked the Client Access Server logs, I find 503 0 0 109 at the end of the log.
    I have completed the following prior to moving the external URL to Exchange 2010.
    1. Enable Windows Integrated Authentication on the Exchange Active Sync Virtual directory on the Exchange 2003 server using the Exchange System Manager. (Install this hotfix if necessary: KB937031
    2. Verified Forms based authentication is disabled on the Default Web Site on the Exchange 2003 backend servers.
    3. Verified that the SSL requirement on the Exchange and Exchange Active Sync virtual directories are disabled.
    I have completed the following trouble-shooting steps to determine the issue.
    1. Reset the Exchange Virtual Directories. Verified Forms based authentication is disabled on the Default Web Site on the Exchange 2003 backend servers.
    2. Tested and check IIS logs. Logs show 401 error in the Exchange 2010 Client Access server IIS logs. Getting an HTTP Error 404 – File or directory not found when browsing servername/microsoft-server-activesync
    ActiveSync coexistence is not connecting to the backend clusters (Corp-MSG-EX1). The connection has been attempting and the following IIS logs are produced.
    Exchange 2003 Backend cluster B – IIS Logs

    013-07-31 16:57:18 W3SVC100 GET /exchange/[email protected]/NON_IPM_SUBTREE/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/WP8/8CF7957DAAFED95E53BCBD38E704899E/0bdc8ae8f5b23948af912155ea9ba440-e48b7d0 – 80 – Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync/6.5.7638.1 401 2 2148074254

    The Backend cluster B has a server which has the following
    -Local IP address
    -Cluster IP address
    The settings on all backend clusters are identical. I checked for URL scan and it does not exist on Exchange 2003 backend cluster B.
    Exchange 2003 IIS Settings – Redirect /OWA on the default website. All other directories do not have a redirect. Also SSL is required on all directories except PowerShell.

    There seems to be an issue with the Microsoft-server-activesync Exchange 2003 virtual directory on the non-working backend cluster. Other directories such as /Exchange is working fine. How do you determine if there are issues with the virtual directory?

    Please let me know if you need additional information.

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