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    In the midst of a 2003-2010 migration. I have over 100 user mailboxes on 2003 and a few on 2010 (including mine). OWA works fine for all and 2003 mailbox users use the legacy URL for that. OA works fine for 2003 and 2010 users as well. The problem I’m having is with EAS.

    EAS external DNS URL ( points to Exchange 2003 server and 2003 mailbox users have no activesync problems and all is well. When I point the EAS url in the firewall to the Exchange 2010 server then 2003 mailbox users have very very slow email synch times or none at all, but then the 2010 mailbox users have no problems with EAS. I thought that by pointing the EAS URL to Exchange 2010 in the firewall it would proxy requests for 2003 mailbox users.

    How can I solve this problem. Should I change the EAS internal URL to the same as the external one? Currently the internal EAS URL is https://CAS2010.domain.local/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync

    External EAS URL is: (yes it’s http not https, the company wanted it that way, please dont ask me why).

    btw, the URL’s are as follows:

    EAS uses

    OWA users connect to and are redirected to to 2003 mailbox server.

    OA users use in their rpc/http settings in Outlook2007

    I only have problems with EAS as explained above. Maybe I should change the internal EAS to ?

    Thank you all!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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