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    I did lot of research for this but couldn’t find a right answer.

    Here’s my environment:
    Exchange Server 2003 on Server 2003
    Outlook 2007 on Vista

    Here’s my scenario:
    We have a user Jane Doe; she has an Outlook profile with her mailbox as a primary mailbox. She also manages another mailbox called Project which is set as a secondary mailbox in her outlook profile. The Project mailbox is mainly used as a meeting organiser/calendar management. Jane Doe needs to manage all the meeting request/follow-up on behalf of the Project mailbox. Jane Doe has full access to the Project Mailbox and has the delegate’s rights. She sends more than 10 requests daily through that mailbox to over 100 participants. In order to update the Meeting Tracking, she needs to either open or preview (in the reading pane) ALL the Accepted, Tentative or Decline answer messages. This is really time consuming, she doesn’t have the time to open all the answers to update the tracking. BTW, a Mark as Read doesn’t work. Tried different rules but most of them are client based and are only applied to the primary mailbox.

    Here’s my concern/question:
    This is the normal behaviour for the meeting tracking but unfortunately this causes us some issues. Is there a way to modify the normal behaviour in order to update the tracking automatically without the need to read or preview the answer?

    I tried different ways but I remain unsuccessful. I can provide more info if it can help resolve this.

    Thx in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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