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    James Haynes

    this is frusrating… i installed EX 2003e on a 2003 server last week. i ran EXSP1 and EXSP2 and then proceeded to create a mail address for myself and a test user. they worked…

    well, something has changed because now when i try to create a new address it hangs at 60% and then fails with an error in XML that isnt displayed totally right on server 2003, but the comment its supposed to display is “the server is not operational”

    what does that mean? the stores are mounted, all the drives are available, the SMTP is active… i can elnet in an get a response and send myself a test message.. i see it in the que but i cant create any attributes… and now to complicate the problem, i tried to “remove exchange attributes” from myself, and it passed. so i can remove attributes, and i cant replace them…

    and the last part.. can i just uninstall exchange and reinstall it, or will i have to /removeorg after uninstalling exchange? i havent got anything to back-up so can i just do a fresh install without having to re-domain/forestprep?

    sorry.. i cant understand what happened at this point and im frustrated.. i would just like to restart the install without having to reprep everything.. but i will if i should.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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