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    I’ve been given what I thought to be a simple job. It’s turning out to be nightmarish and convoluted.

    We have a meeting room which has an Office 365 Room Calendar associated with it. I need to extract the following info:

    From today, to seven days from now, list all meetings that will take place in that room including:

    – Date
    – Start and end times of meeting
    – Subject

    A CSV output file would be perfect.

    I did the usual Google searches and came up with a lot of Powershell scripts including this excellent post here that uses EWS:


    Script works brilliantly, but the problem is, this script only works with user calendars and not room calendars. I also need to set this up to run autonomously several times a day to update the info as it will drive a Rasp Pi with a small display outside of the meeting room.

    I don’t have the chops to write my own script without a lot more info. Can any of you assist with examples?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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