ETL with some programming in it.

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    My boss is asking me to reconcile a list of IT assets provided by discovery scans with the data base of IT assets that exist in the Configuration Management Data Base. We need the contractor to create a repeatable process by which discovered assets can be added to the DB.

    Is there anyone out there that has done this before? Fpr a start this is my thought , not for sure how it works? I can’t envision the practical approach.

    1. Tenable line of product with python API–Identitfied as the scan engine
    2. Extracting the discovered asset from the repository using python (extracting data via API)
    3. Create a SQL database TABLE for the records which could be accessed with access front end.
    4. Automate the process (ETL). Is there any adapter that can help with this without manual update.

    My biggest is how to bring it all together in a practical sense.

    1. Powershell
    2. Python
    3. Text manipulation (I can deal with this one well)
    4. JSON

    OTHER tools
    3. ServiceNow

    If you can put the idea together if you have done this before thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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