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    Looking to build a cluster of 3 ESXi servers (vsphere 5) to manage a 35 virtual servers environment:
    (HA, fault tolerant, load balancing)
    Currently have 5 possible candidates for ESX Server
    1 IBM 3550 M4 – IBM 3650 M4 – 3 IBM 3650 M3
    Server Processor Memory
    IBM-3650 M3 CPU – 2 x 2.53 Ghz Quad-core Xeon – E5630 24 GB DDR3 (RDIMMs)

    IBM -3650 M3 CPU – 1 x 2.40 Ghz Quad-core Xeon – X5690 4 GB DDR3 (RDIMMs)
    IBM- 3650 M3 CPU – 1 x 2.40 Ghz Quad-core Xeon – E5620 4 GB DDR3 (RDIMMs)
    IBM- 3650 M4 CPU – 2.60 Ghz Xeon 8-Core Xeon E5 128 GB DDR3 (RDIMMs)
    IBM-3550 M4 CPU – 2.3 Ghz 6-core Xeon E5 8 GB DDR3 (RDIMMs)

    I want to be able to use the newer servers: the IBM 3550 M4; IBM 3650 M4
    Suggestions on how can I maintain good processing ratio all across the board for performance and reliability?
    Which memory can I use all across the board to have maximum performance?
    Can I alter memory speed clock to achieve compatibility across all host?
    Configuration ideas for best possible configuration to achieve HA, fault tolerance, and load balancing

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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