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    ever since i started on my new job, i’ve been having a problem with a popup screen to enter network password.

    This appears when a user presses the sendreceive button in Outlook 2003. It also appears when the user receives new mail, when it tries to download it, the popup appears.
    In the Popup, there’s our Exchange server IP address, the client’s username and password.
    There’s an option to Save the password in the password list, but that doesn’t have any effect.
    I’ve tried ressetting the password a million times without any luck for the users. I thought that maybe the passwords were expiring so, i made the to never expire in AD.
    This problem affects all our outside branches that use POP3 to connect to out Exchange server.

    How can i make the popup go away because its irritating everyone?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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