enforcing print settings ?

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    We’ve recently arranged the installation of a new printer, and to make it easier to manage, we’re connecting it via the server and configuring settings that way.

    As requested, I’ve been able to configure two individual printers, one set as BW and one with colour. When the printers are mapped at the workstations, they appear with those settings by default (asusming you map the _BW printer or the _Colour printer accordingly.)

    I’m now trying to get the duplexing settings working – I’ve set the printing preferences on the esrver to be print on both sides- flip on long edge.

    However, when I try and map the printer, it appears with print on both sides – none by default.

    Yea, sure I could script it, or go round and change it on every workstation/laptop – but surely there’s a way to configure it centrally, so that ‘this setting is how it is, too bad’

    Any thoughts ?

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