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    I am really hoping someone can explain this…

    I have two Exchange servers(X1 and X2. I have a connector running between them so that all out bound email will go out X1.

    I recently applied the “Filter recipients who are not in the directory” on both servers. I checked the settings on both and they are the same.

    Now the confusing part. We use Facsys software and it has an AD tie in. to send a fax, we can attach something to an email and just send to [fax:555-1212] and it will send the fax through our fax server.

    People whos’ mailbox stores are on X2 can fax fine but people on X1, get the error:
    “Email address does not exist at the organization” User unknown.

    Why would only one server get this error? I hope I gave enough info.

    I really want to enable the recipient filtering to cut down on spam processing.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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