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    We’ve got a rather strange & annoying bug happening with our Exchange 2010 organisation.
    Basically, two users, myself included as one of them, we removed our mailboxes and re-added them a while back to fix an issue we were having. Whilst it fixed that issue, it caused anyone who emails myself to send to the old SMTP address which was an old primary on my mailbox (basically my user account was renamed from an old user to my details). So when people emailed, it bounced back even though that SMTP address is an alias on my mailbox.
    The only way we found to fix this was to advise users to clear their outlook profile directory’s and let it recreate, thereby when emailing me, forcing outlook to get ‘new’ information about my mailbox from the server.
    Unfortunately not everyone has done this and its beginning to cause problems.

    Is there something i can do server side to remedy this?
    I have the old X400/X500/SMTP addresses in as aliases on my account, but that hasn’t fixed it. :(

    Thanks in advance all :-)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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