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    We have sbs2003(premium) and exchange 2003 setup correctly. We are not hosting our domain on it. We can send and receive emails through the pop3 connector and our default smtp connector.
    But we have one problem. We have a branch office. I have the user of the branch office on the sbs2003 system for our GAL. When someone emails him, the email sits on the server and never goes to our isps mail and the user cannot get his email from the isp server.
    Someone might say, why not let the user in our server remotely. We really don’t
    want to open up the server for security reasons.
    Is there someway to get the users email to move off of the exchange server to
    our isp’s server so he can download his email from the isp from his branch office?
    We could remove his user info from the server but he won’t show up on the GAL.

    Please advise thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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