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    Newbie here but I have done a fair bit of searching before I decided to post this!

    I run a SBS2000 server with Exchange. Our main email domain ( is collected using a POP3 collector (from CWCS) and mail is distributed to the users by Exchange.

    I have added a second domain ( which we will use as a backup email address. It is also collected by POP3 but using a different provider (Runbox).

    I have added the second domain in the default recipient policy in Exchange and all the users have the second email address shown in their ADUC setting. The incoming mail is collected and distributed correctly to the users but the second email domain emails have the header displayed in the email body. If I view the header it just shows the last step in the link as if the external (internet) part never existed.

    Has anyone any ideas what might be going wrong here?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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