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    we have to create about 20 -30 users on our 2003 domain every week. Each user had different requirement (few user needs email, few user dont, for some of the user I need to set expiration date for the account. If there is better way to do this than please let me know.

    I have being successfull so far using dsadd. But few things are not working for me.

    With the below script I cannot add user to groups
    I would also like to know on how to assign mailbox to user (we have two Exch Virtual Server).
    How to create account with status enable? with below script he account is disabled by default.

    dsadd user cn=bp,ou=NewUsers,dc=zhc,DC=Botsford,dc=org -upn [email protected] -display bp -pwd [email protected] -mustchpwd yes -hmdir \ntuserusers$username$ -hmdrv H: -fn Bhavin -ln Patel -mi K -email [email protected] -memberof “cn=BGH Residents,ou=Existing Groups,ou=BGH Application Groups,dc=zhc,dc=botsford,dc=org” -title “Network Administrator” -office Doctor -pager 7348 -desc “Network Admin”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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