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    I’d like to ask you all some questions about EFS and recovery of
    files, encrypted on an NT4.0 domain that was migrated from NT4.0 to
    Win2K3. The workstation was win2k pro and still is. The ws was
    disjoined from the previous domain. Then joined to the new
    domain. The user didn’t know much about Encryption, so did
    not export the key to allow recovery. I personally am not an
    expert, but have heard about file recovery processes and
    third party programs. What are your thoughts about these?
    Is it possible to recover these files through either method?
    Third party software or some process that I’m unaware of? I
    can’t rejoin their computer to the old domain, because it
    doesn’t exist. I did read about a Resource Kit tool that you
    have a write up about on your site. I have downloaded that
    tool, and I am going to check the files to ensure they are
    encrypted by that user. I’d like to know if there’s a way to
    decrypt her files. I have gotten into the middle of this even though I’m not the LAN Manager, since the individual asked me for help. I teach windows OS and I’d understood that encrypted files with a lost key was a lost cause. I ask here since I recently was able to crack into a win2K3 domain where the student user lost the admin password. I didn’t think that was possible either. With help from this site, I was able to assist that user. Thanx in advance for any help offered.

    Kind Regards,
    Larry Patrick Johnson

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