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    Dear Friends,

    My exchange 2007 organization is the following :

    1 Exchange Server Mail Box
    1 Exchange Server Client Access and Hub Transport
    1 Exchange Server Edge Server in a DMZ

    Everything is working fine. The edge server receives all the incoming email from our domains and all the email from our organization flows throught the edge server, without any problem.

    The anti spam feature in edge works great.

    The problem is with the imap/pop clients that i have in the branch offices.

    When they connect to the edge server to send email ( SMTP ) they recieve a message telling Unable to Relay.

    I have check everything and i don’t understand what is wrong. The edge server only can send email from inside to internet. If a client trys to use the edge server from a branch it can’t send email.

    Help !!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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