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    I’ve gotten a task to set up an AD environment on a W2K3 Server, where the queue is “easy administration”. And I honestly thought I had the “easy administration” part down (putting relevant shortcuts on the desktop of the administrator user etc..), but it’s not enough.

    Say you were to set up the server for a small business (5-10 people), that didn’t want to spend alot of money on IT systems. Just a simple AD server with file / print etc etc. One of the employees (not so good with computers) would be managing this system. By managing/maintaining I mean all tasks related to creating new users / deleting old ones etc. How can you make this easier on them? How would you set this system up in a way that YOUR MOTHER could be the “IT responsible”? And I mean really point and click…

    *Automating as many tasks as possible (Any suggestions?)
    *Practical example*: Making template users (instead of right click > new user, you just copy a template user and rename it)

    I need more tips like these. Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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