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    I have a question with regards to a Client PC automatically registering itself in DNS.

    Some Client PCs currently joined to one domain in a separate AD Forest (DomainA.local) will be joined to another AD Forest (DomainB.other), which is located in a different subnet and physical location. The Client PCs will remain at their current location, so will be surrounded by Client PCs still joined to DomainA.local. There are better ways of achieving this scenario but at the moment, they are not feasible. For example, making use of vLANs and bringing a DC across from DomainB.other and so on. AD Trusts are also not an option.

    The following will be setup:

    • Appropriate router configuration to allow IP routing across all subnets
    • Conditional forwarder in DomainA.local’s DNS for DomainB.other
    • The Client PCs on the DomainA.local’s subnet will still have their IPs allocated by the subnet’s DHCP server authorised by DomainA.local, so therefore, the Client PCs being joined to DomainB.other will continue to use DomainA.local’s DNS
    • Once they have been joined to DomainB.other, the Primary DNS suffix will of course then become DomainB.other despite it getting its IP from DomainA.local’s DHCP (correct me if I am wrong)

    Does anybody see an issue with this scenario? As far as I know, this will allow the Client PCs to happily join DomainB.other.

    Also, as far as I know, the client PCs will also register themselves in DomainB.other’s DNS. Is this correct?

    Am I right in saying that the DHCP server will also potetnially register it within the local DNS server?

    I have reviewed this article to gain some clarification.



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