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    I have Exchange 2016 with DAG configured in my environment. There are 2 DAG members and 1 Exchange Edge Transport Server.

    Today I changed exchange certificate and assigned services to it, it gave me a warning to re-subscribe exchange edge in your site.

    So I first remove previous subscription and apply new subscription on edge and mailbox servers. after re-subscribe exchange edge, there are now 2 entries being displayed under servers –> servers tab in ECP. one entry with proper edge transport server name and 2nd entry with CNF:95d1c2eb-********-ff9291471906. this entry is duplicate of edge transport server.

    there are also duplicate entries under mail flow–> send connector. one entry is proper name, but second entry is duplicate with the same CNF which i mentioned above. For better understanding snapshots are attached.

    Can anyone explain what is CNF entry? Can I delete it? Is this CNF duplicate entry harmful? please suggest.


    Kashif Saleem Bhinder

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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